Monday, November 17, 2008

New Shoes and More Good Stuff

It has been an interesting morning.  First off, it's bright and sunny for the first time in about six days.  I got my new running shoes (thrilling, I know) but they are still the Sunny D flavor (ugh).  I forgot that I got a 20% discount from the store I go to so they weren't $95 they were $76.  Then I go to the grocery store and get coffee at Caribou afterward.  I am waiting in line behind someone who, it seemed, had never ordered coffee before and there was much discussion about price and what had been charged.  I was trying not to look impatient even though I obviously was.  As I finally made it to the front of the line to pay, the woman behind me offered to pay for my drink because she had to wait for hers to be made anyway.  I of course declined a couple of times and then caved and accepted her offer, because, hey - free coffee.  Now, I can't wait to do that for someone else.

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