Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank God That's Over

This blog was never really meant to be a rant or a political soap box, but I feel the need to walk up to that line right now.  Thank GOD the election is today.  I am so sick of the ads from both sides and then all the PACs and special interest groups.  I voted this morning and I am DONE!  I hope my guy wins, but I really am not too worried either way.  If the world hasn't come to an end in the last eight years I think we will be safe going forward.  I just hope it's a landslide one way or the other so there won't be weeks or months of litigating for a president.  As irritating as this campaign has been, I am glad we live in the country we do.  Sure there are things that could be done to improve the process, but there is in any system.  OK - 'nough said!

On a separate note - I ran 12 miles in the past two days at a sub-8:30 pace.  I feel like I am coming back.

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