Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Everyone always goes back to that place of comfort - a happy place - when things get stressful or disappointing.  At least that is the way it happens for me.  For a long time when I get to tough places in my life, I start to have swimming dreams.  The pool was my happy place for so long.  I dream I have to do some insane workout after not being in the pool for years or I have to get in and race with no training.  Thing is, they are pleasant dreams.  I feel in control and calm.  I never finish the race or the workout, but I always feel good about it.

Well, now I have developed a new happy place.  Apparently it's a triathlon.  I have been having tri related dreams lately.  Again, they involve being thrown into a workout or race with no training, but in them I appear confident, competent and do just fine.  

Too bad at this time there is no money in sport for me, but it helps get me through the days - and nights.

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