Friday, January 9, 2009

The Amazing 405

About a month ago I posted my excitement over my new Garmin Forerunner 405.  After a good month training with it, I love it even more.  A few days ago I finally set up the Ant stick that comes with the watch to transfer info wirelessly to the computer and to the online service Garmin Connect.  The setup for the Ant was a little clunky, but that might have been the computer I was working on since the software for my Mac isn't available yet.  My favorite part of the whole package is the automatic mapping.  After you upload your activity it maps your route on Google maps.  So cool.


Mary said...

Have I told you how glad I am you won that thing? Maybe I should send your mom a thank you card. Seriously, she just made our running group that much better.

Mary said...

I didn't mean won...I really wanted to say got.