Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Kind of Like It

Since this unemployment "issue" is taking a little longer to resolve, I am determined to take as much off A's plate as possible.  I do the laundry and dishes and try to keep the house picked up and now I have started cooking dinner.  OK, some might not think any of this is earth shattering or that it doesn't deserve some sort of "congratulation", and that is absolutely true.  But I digress, I am really enjoying making dinner.  I am not a particularly good cook, but I can follow a recipe and I have been able to try out some new ones that have turned out pretty good.  It feels good to make good use of my time.  Tonight's dinner was a wonderful little combination of steak on a bed of fennel with olives and jalapeno.  Yummy!

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Don't look at yourself as unemployed, but as a full time triathlete !!!

And by the way, I think you deserve a HUGE congratulations. I just posted a really easy Fettuccinni Alfredo recipe. Easy to make, easy to eat.

Try it out and let me know what you think.