Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year that is.  As if the freezing weather wasn't depressing enough.  My "friend" MS sent me some information on this, the year of the Ox.

My sign is Monkey, here is what I have in store.  

Being a monkey, I will continue to do what monkey's do - play with myself and throw poop - literally and figuratively.  I will also now have to start wearing a helmet all the time since stuff is likely to fall from the sky onto me.  

My wife's sign is Rooster.  

We are going to have a peaceful family life so, we have that going for us.  And Rooster girl should have a job all year.

MS responded to my disappointment with the following sentiment:
"Take this zodiac and shove it!  You're not Chinese anyway."

(MS is a Dog.  She claimed she can smell her own butt. Lovely.)

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