Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Truly Frozen "Quarter" Marathon

Initially I was very disappointed that they shortened the race from a half marathon to a "quarter marathon" (which turned out to be more of a 10K), but when I crossed that starting line I was glad the misery would be short lived.  If you have read my blog recently, I have been all about running even when it is miserably cold out, so I should have been prepared to run in these conditions, right?  Not this morning.  Granted, it was a crystal clear, sunny day, but it was -15 with about a -30 windchill (if anyone from Hawaii or San Diego reads this that is a good 100 degrees colder than what you are experiencing today.)  

Overall, the race was fine.  46:38 was my final time, not bad considering my level of fitness right now and the fact that I have been increasing my training load with bike trainer time and weight sessions.  I am also not a huge fan of the 10K distance but that is probably due to my lack of experience running it.  My mile splits were very consistent.  By the end I was hot enough that I had to pull my face mask down to breath and take my mittens off to cool down.  I grabbed my souvenir mug and free bag of chips and headed home.  Less than two and half hours and my first race of the year was over.  Now the really training starts. 

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Mary said...

Nice work! You deserve a warm vacation just for running that race. 1 race down and off to a great start.

Just think...the Lifetime race might be shortened due to heat.

Gotta love Minnie.