Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad Sleep, No Swim and Game On

I had a terrible night's sleep last night. It has been happening more often lately, I really don't know why. I wake up about 1 or 2 in the morning and roll around and watch the clock. It's not uncommon for me to wake up at 4 or 4:30 if I have a run or swim, and I can deal with that without being wiped out for the day, but nights like last night kill me - especially if I go out and train. I have a very busy mind right now. No major stuff or worrying, just lots of things to think about. So, I didn't swim - after I told A I was going to and she changed her workout schedule. Hopefully, she won't punish me too bad. I hope to get in the pool Wednesday and Friday this week, so I can redeem myself. Now, I have to try to cram in some bike time somewhere today. (Hey, the sun is coming up - I love daylight. How tangential and ADHD was that?)

CS and I have been making moves to get to IM WI in 2010. We have been scheming to increase our chances of getting a slot - road tripping to the race to cheer and then signing up. We found out that apparently, if you volunteer for the race, you can sign up even earlier. LET'S VOLUNTEER! Even better. We have been trying to convince MS to join us for the volunteer effort and the 2010 race. She was on the fence. This I don't get, because she is extremely good and trains diligently - through kid commitments, dog issues, bunions, event planning, etc. She turns 40 next year and I am pacing her to a Boston qualifier this spring so she can check that off her list. (Notice my confidence and bravado - Mary's comment here explains why.) Well, she just committed to IM volunteer 2009/IM WI 2010. GAME ON, BEYOTCH! You only turn 40 once, might as well try to do every major event in one year just in case you don't make it to 41. (The only thing that could derail these plans is a long shot I've got cooking on side.)


Charisa said...

SWEET on IM! Bad on sleep - hope that goes away quick, I hate it when I can't sleep! (Coffee might be your friend today . . . )

Mary said...

Thanks for the love T-odd! What an adventure it will be and I am so happy to be doing it with friends.