Friday, February 20, 2009

Good bike - Crappy run

I know the bike was good because I completed it earlier today - in my basement - while watching the 2006 Hawaii Ironman (thanks CS.) I am only guessing the run will be crappy because I have to do it tomorrow morning - through new fallen snow - hiding glare ice. 12 miles in this misery should do a number on the hips, knees and calves. The tension should shoot right up my back.

I am ramping up the bike time a little more. 75 minutes at 17+ mph average for 21.64 miles. More than I have done in the past so I am happy with that. I just need to do that more often during the week. I am feeling more motivated to get on the bike and feeling more confident that my biking will improve greatly this season. 

Now, about that run. I just got back from walking the dog and the new snow was hiding so much glare ice the dog and I almost went down ten times. The worst part of the whole situation is the "startle effect." I HATE the "startle effect." It's why I swim with my eyes closed in the lake (seeing stuff move underneath me in the water - weeds or fish - freaks me out.) It's why I hate balloons (you never know when those suckers will pop.) So, I am not looking forward to this run tomorrow. Twelve miles in these conditions is tough, even with my screwed shoes. Unfortunately, we are on a training schedule that doesn't allow us to screw around, so we will run. The treadmill, you say? I HATE the treadmill and after reading this, it kind of creeps me out a little. Needless to say, the treadmill is not an option. I will just run and complain to myself and curse the weather, which, I realize, is a total waste of time, but it keeps me warm.



How's it going buddy?

You are right about the bike. Bike strength is key in long races.

Have a good run tomorrow. I am assuming tomorrow is Sunday. Around here, Sunday is a good run day. Very little traffic. You can stay on the main roads where the city crews have plowed and salted and sanded, and it's clear from ice.

Stay on your feet, and stay safe, and think about how good the recovery meal will taste.

Mary said...

I'm just gonna say was a pretty good run!

For lots of snow and hidden ice, we kept our pace and dare I say, even had fun?