Friday, February 20, 2009

My Dog, Houdini

I just got back from a nice lunch with some old friends from work. Prior to leaving I had to trick the damn dog into his kennel by using the tried-and-true "bread crumb trail method." He totally knew what was going on but he couldn't help himself - he loves treats. I got him into the laundry room and right up to the door of the kennel and threw the last tasty morsel in the corner. And he walked right in. I donned my jacket and left the house to his yelps and barks. In the past he quiets down and I return to dog sitting quietly in his kennel. As I was driving off, I thought, "Wow, except for the trail of goodies it took to get him here, he went in rather easily." Turns out, he had a plan.

About an hour and half later I return. Put the key in the lock and am greeted by a dog bouncing up and wagging his tail like a maniac. "WTF!? Dude! I know I put you in the kennel before I left and I know I double checked the locks." I called out to see if the painter had come back and possibly let him out. No one was around. I ventured down to inspect his kennel. IT WAS UPSIDE DOWN!

Somehow the dog jammed his cement truck-sized head through one of the seams (or something) and he wriggled himself through. The fricking dog only has three legs! I can only imagine what he would be like with four. Apparently it was a tight squeeze because as I was petting his ears he was a little sensitive. Sore ears - that's all he got from cramming his melon through some impossibly small opening. 

As it should be (with dog in it, of course.)

As I found it.

Googleing - "High security dog kennel" - I wonder if they can guarantee ease of entrance and no break outs.

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