Friday, February 27, 2009

Kind of a bust

That is how I feel about today. I didn't get up and swim (had the alarm set and turned it off.) I didn't get on my bike (I said I would after the kids went to bed, honestly, that will never EVER happen.) I didn't walk the dog (he did, however, go everywhere with me in the car.) I shoveled the driveway - AGAIN! (I really dislike shoveling the driveway and there wasn't really enough snow to use the snow blower.) I took my wife, sister and a mutual friend to the airport so they could catch a flight to Florida for four days (I have mixed feelings on this one. I am no fan of FLA - sorry friendly FLA natives - too many blue-hairs and gummers and not enough for me to keep busy. Plus, we stay with my in-laws when we go. However, I don't mind FLA in small bites and especially if there are no kids involved and we are in the middle of the longest winter EVER. I would have loved to go, but my wife chose the company of my sister instead, damn it.) I went looking for Cadbury Mini Eggs (not the vomitimous Cream Eggs) and couldn't find any at the three stores I looked in. (I have - actually had - I ate them all - a bag of these seasonal delicacies, but I can not for the life of me remember where I got them - this was like a week ago. When I find them I am buying five bags.) Now I am sitting on the couch with the dog snoring next to me. I guess if I really break it down the day wasn't a total bust. 

I have this incredibly minor cold that I have decided to use as a crutch to get me out of just about anything good for me, so I used it as an excuse not to swim - that and the snow and bitter temperature. Now, with my wife gone, I won't be able to run tomorrow or swim on Monday. That leaves only trainer time. I need time in the saddle so it is a blessing in disguise. I just need to actually get my butt on the saddle. I think I will keep my goals simple - at least an hour, even if it's easy spinning. Something to get the heart rate up some and sweat out all the toxins.

The driveway did need to be shoveled and the snow is heavy so there was some benefit there - what I have taken to calling the Minnesota Core Workout. 

My wife and sister needed a break. They have both been working their asses off. The mutual friend? I guess she deserves a break, too.

Those damn Mini Eggs. They are so good, but that must mean they have like 20 times the fat of M & Ms. So, that too is probably a blessing in disguise that I can't have any. (But I will find them and they will be mine.)

As a total aside - when I decided the title of this post, I had a different image in mind. I Googled; "bust," "busts," "cleavage," "decolletage," and I came up with some images but I just couldn't use them. Then I decided I couldn't let that hard work go to waste so here they are.
(Hey, I'm a guy. What can I say?)


t-odd said...

OK - Being "a guy" is no excuse, I know. I hereby promise not to put boobies in future posts. Unless I have a really good reason - like they are attached to a woman I particularly admire (for reasons other than her boobs, because that would be shallow and chauvinistic.) Sorry, Mom.


If you went to Florida, you could see them for real !!

Forgive me I am a guy as well!!