Thursday, February 26, 2009

Damn You, Winter!

Winter came back with a vengeance in the form of 6" of blowing and drifting snow in about 5 hours. It is still coming down and still blowing, but I decided I would rather move 6" of snow and then 3" rather than 9". So, I did workout number three for the day - ran this morning, biked this afternoon and did my core workout (AKA shoveling) this evening. Right now however, my kids and their friends are "un-shoveling" all the snow I already moved. Dig a hole, then dig it again. I did not shovel ALL the snow. I used my little snow blower to move the majority, but there was still a lot of shoveling involved. Here are a couple of pictures. 
This is my neighbor's driveway, only for comparison. 

This is my driveway.  

It took a little longer than expected because the dog had issues with the snowblower.
Before I went out I threw together a little Belgian Beef Stew. Anything with beef, beer and brandy can't be too bad. I will load up with a hearty meal tonight and then shovel again tomorrow morning - grrrrr.


Natalie said...

Not fun at all! I got stuck on Shepard Road for 30 minutes not moving an inch. People were getting out of their cars asking each other what was going on. Once I crested the hill, I could see cars that weren't able to make it back up to the Hwy 61/Warner Rd light. This included a bus with some kids in it, so it could have turned out very scary.

Are you running outside tomorrow morning?

Natalie said...

Glad to hear you're not going to be risking injury out there today! I got in my car this morning and noticed a nice half moon crack the length of my windsheild on the bottom! Wonderful! :-( Probably from the ice build up going home last night!

At least we know that there WILL be an end...or so I keep reassuring myself.


I guess I'll be seeing your storm in about 3 days. And I thought winter was over.

Beef, Beer, Brandy, Better than chocolate milk I say!!

You must send the recipe!!!

Mary said...

Ok...that is a Pit Bull in picture number 3. No other dog would eat a snow blower. Especially not one with a cold.