Thursday, February 26, 2009

Share a cold...

with your dog. That is what I am doing right now. We were both "sneezey" yesterday and both of us were very "snorey" last night. A was worried about getting a good night's sleep as she was getting our snores in stereo - apparently the dog snores as loud as I do. Impressive! (I actually don't snore as loud or often as I used to, that is how I can tell I have a little bit of a cold.) I think I may have gotten my cold from the dog who has shown quite a knack for getting his tongue in my open mouth - ugh. I also may have gotten it from F, who has been spraying coughs all over the house (followed by me yelling, "Cover!")

The run this morning was good. We tried out race pace for a mile in the middle and it went pretty well. Our training pace is really not that far off. I personally think we are all in better shape than we were last year, just from our ability to chat while we maintain a nice quick little pace. It was kind of a sad run however. We really enjoyed the clear paths and mostly ice-free conditions, but we are going to get 4" - 7" of heavy, blowing snow over the next 24 hours - welcome back to winter. We also really enjoyed running the last 30 minutes or so in daylight. That all comes to a screeching halt as we are plunged back into darkness with Daylight Savings time in a couple of weeks. Three steps forward - two steps back. (Notice my optimism - that is a net of one step forward. It is so unlike me.)

Today's goal: drink as many cups of blueberry breeze green tea as possible and try not to eat ALL the Trefoils. (Some people have said I am cheating for Lent by giving up Oreos specifically, but not all cookies - yeah, well, I am already piloting a rocket ship to hell, so I might as well fuel it with some Girl Scout sinner cookies.)

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Charisa said...

Feel better! And you are SMART for not giving up the Samoan cookies (do they still call them that??) :)