Monday, February 9, 2009

Marathon Training Starts Tomorrow

Our de facto coach laid down the law and we are officially starting marathon training tomorrow! We have the calendar set, except for one more 20+ miler. Let's hope my calves hold up. The "Stick" seems to be helping as does spinning on the trainer (30 very easy minutes last night, 45 higher intensity minutes this morning.) This week also starts triathlon training. I will be starting with the masters swim club on Wednesday - that will be an adventure since I haven't been in the water in six months. I seem to be able to tough it out, but I hate the first few weeks. More hours on the trainer until the roads clear will be hellish, but I am over the hump and feeling better being in the saddle.

I was looking back at posts from the end of last season and I really want to be faster, so I have to train faster. I am pretty sure I am in better shape overall than last year (although I have some weight to lose.) Now, to just stay healthy and injury free and hope for a mild spring. Ready, set, go!

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