Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More time in the kitchen and lovin' it!

I am watching Top Chef and trying not to eat everything that isn't tied down. This is strange, since I made a kick-ass dinner tonight (kind of a country style slo-cooker coq au vin.) Now, it's no secret to anyone who has read this blog that I am currently "between jobs" and since the prospects are bleak right now, I have decided, after consultation with my wife, to take the pressure off myself and not feel like I have to "pound the pavement." My wife agreed, with conditions. I do the laundry (includes folding, but not ironing - thank god), keep the house picked up and take care of dinner. Well, I initially resisted the dinner thing - "I don't think that way, planning meals, etc. Tell me what to cook with a recipe and I will do it, but plan a meal - no way." (Laundry and picking up around the house - no problem.) In the past couple of weeks things have changed. I looked at the calendar to see what activities we had this week, then I made a list of the dinners I wanted to make, then I shopped to those meals. Suddenly, I feel like I have become a decent cook. Of course, my recipes come from Real Simple and are real simple, but they taste good and I make them with really fresh ingredients. All of this has really helped the old self esteem. Men (me) so often define themselves by the job they do - that is how they contribute to the family. My contribution is different now, it feels more important, it feels more real and it feels more fulfilling. (Plus, I get to train whenever I want or need to - nice bonus.)



My older brother was just like you. Between jobs, looking after the house and kids, cooking all the meals.

Now he is a professional cook. Go figure!!!

Start posting some of those dinners, especially the slow crok ones. I'd love to try em.


OH and his name is Todd. Yes really, what are the chances?

Natalie said...

I am also between jobs. Fortunatly I came across something part-time and temporary (no benefits and pay isn't the best). The part-time side of it gives me time to train in the early afternoon! I love having that freedom...great for building a very solid base going into the season! What tri are you training for?