Thursday, February 12, 2009


At the behest of my one regular reader (see picture) I am including some recipes that I have successfully made recently. 

They are from Real Simple (there, I provided my source - no copyright infringement lawsuits please.) Try 'em out. I do have a couple of vegetarian recipes that look really yummy and will be trying those soon. I'll let you know how those turn out.

Had this one last night:

(I used 12oz. of mushroom, more wine than was called for and chopped white onions instead of the pearl onions called for. Only thing I would do differently is the pearl onions, but that is more for appearance than taste.)

Had this one a couple of nights ago:

(Added twice as many mushrooms, added more wine than called for and a little more garlic. I will probably add 3 or 4 medium sized chopped potatoes next time, just to make it a little more hearty.) 

Had this one last week:
(I added more lemon juice and I used un-unflavored couscous. I will probably use an herb or garlic flavored couscous next time.)


Charisa said...

Need the lemon bar recipe - the famous one! :)

Mary said...

I just made the T-odd (ok the Real Simple) Lamb chops with tomatoes and shallots...oh my goodness.

Put that one up. Worth the effort to share.

Thanks again.