Friday, February 6, 2009

"Parts-Missing" Dog

We went and visited with our potential new family member - Apollo, the "parts-missing" dog. I know, lots of dogs have "parts" missing, but he is missing an important part. It reminds me of the Thanksgiving dinner when dear, misguided Grandma Olson decided to save a little money and buy a "parts-missing" turkey. Her thought, as well as ours when she announced her find to us, was that the giblets would be missing or a wing or something innocuous like those parts. Ah, weren't we all surprised when the "parts" that were missing were, in fact, some of the best parts - the fricking drumsticks! What a good laugh we have to this day. Ha, ha, ha, ahem. What does this trip down memory lane have to do with a dog? Well, see for yourself. 
Apollo is one drumstick short himself. He's a damn fine pooch though. He has the biggest head I have ever seen on a dog his size. Stuck his tongue in my mouth not once, but twice. A really liked him, too. She walked him and he never pulled (I know, how could he with three legs?) He doesn't jump up. We never heard him bark once and by the time we left he was on his back with each of us rubbing his belly. We have the home visit next Tuesday and after that, if the kids are cool with it, we will be the proud owners of our own "parts-missing" dog.

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Mary said...

Tripod looks awesome! And a little scary.

The thing that disturbs me the let his tongue in your mouth, TWICE!