Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hittin' The Stick

This morning my calves were so sore and so tight that I cut my run short. That never happens. I usually warm up and loosen up within the first couple of miles - five at the absolute longest, but this morning they were not having it. Off to coffee. Later, I stopped by my local running store and picked up "The Stick." 

Hopefully some time with this fella will work out those kinks. I am also going to have my gait analyzed in a few weeks to make sure nothing has changed since I had it analyzed about a week after I started running. At that time I thought, "Oh, I hate to run. I just want to be able to do a 10K." Fool! Now, I have run more half marathons and marathons than 10Ks. Here we go - Mr. "The Stick" come to daddy. Ahhhhh!

1 comment:

Burt said...

Do you beat your legs with the stick, until they obey?