Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Waiting for the other fin to drop

Swim day number three and feeling unbelievably good. So, I am waiting for something to go bad. It doesn't always, but I usually don't feel this good this early on. It's Wednesday so it's IM day. There were more people in the pool today after the long weekend. I hit the vast majority of the intervals and even shortened some because they just seemed too long. Total yards of about 2,700 in about 50 minutes. I really LOVE being back in the water. For a long time I couldn't even be near a pool, I was so burned out by years of training. I love the meditative quiet time that is only interrupted by my gasping for breath and occasional dry-heaving. I really can't wait for summer when we are in the 50 meter outdoor pool and doing regular open water swims. (Although, right now that seems further away as we just got more snow, ugh.) 

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Natalie said...

I'm with ya...the snow is getting old! Always does by this time of the year.

Way to go on the swimming. Hope it keeps just getting better.