Friday, March 13, 2009

"The Finn-ger" Revisited

F can't let "the finger" go. This morning he was reviewing acceptable use of the middle finger.
F: "Now, if I use this finger [pointing to his middle finger] with one or two other fingers, that is OK, right?"
Me: "Yes, that is alright."
F: "But if I use just this finger alone, that isn't alright?"
Me: "Right."
F: "If I use this finger pointing up or down, is that alright?"
Me: "If you use the middle finger to point at something, like I sometimes do, then it is OK. If you are angry and use it - up or down - then that is swearing. If you point at something with your middle finger and say, 'Look at what finger I am pointing with, hee, hee,' that is also considered swearing. If know what - just don't use your middle finger on either hand without one or more of the other fingers to keep it company. You will stay out of trouble that way."
F: "Like this? Or this?" [Showing me a peace sign and three fingers.]
Me: "Yes. And if I hear that you are showing the middle finger again, I will take if from you. I will cut it off because it will show you are not responsible enough to have a middle finger. It's what my dad did to me."
F: [Concerned look on his face] "Really, dad?"
Me: "No, F. Not really."
(I will tape that middle finger to the others if I get another email from his teacher though, F***ing kid!)


D said...

I rarely have any interest in reading about people's kids, but stuff like this is gold.

Question Authority. said...

Hank used to point at EVERTHING with his middle finger when he was a toddler. I know we confused and traumatized him when he was attempting to communicate a request and both Gary and I responded with laughter.

BreeWee said...

I just asked the little girl with the uggs on a horse if I can have them, I am sending them to you! ha ha... not really! BUT isn't it hilarious uggs on an island?? Gotta love it!

Have good weekend... and it is so funny D gets this post and loves it... she really needs a little kid :)