Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Am So Going to Pay

Actually, I am already paying. I have identified March as a tear down month (or a build up month for all you glass-half-full types out there.) What does this entail, you may ask? It is basically getting back on track with the training. We are three days into tear down/build up month and it has been a little hit and miss. 

Sunday - nothing. Home with the kids and my wife out of town makes it difficult for me to train. Hey, it's the sabbath, day of rest and all that. So start March with a rest day. I also ended February with a rest day so it all has a nice symmetry. Whoops, I forgot, I did do my core work on Sunday - baby steps. 

Monday - No swimming because my wife was out of town. Then I was too lazy/distracted/lazy to get on the bike trainer. I did my lower body weight work that I had neglected for at least a couple of weeks. I thought I went pretty easy. I ended the evening with my core work. 

Today - Didn't make it to the 5:30 AM run due to my wife getting home very late. Turned out to be a good decision as my kids got up way earlier than usual so I had to wrangle them so A could sleep in a little bit. The "easy" weights I did - yeah, apparently not as easy as I thought. I felt them in my quads, calves and glutes. I went for my run at noon - just under 10 miles with seven strides before heading home. My legs weren't hurting necessarily, but I could tell they had been a little over worked. (Look at my crazy chart below.)

Now I am paying. The tab came pretty quickly as my GI tract went into massive distress when I got home. That is what I get for running after that extra cup of coffee. The Immodium seems to be kicking in and hopefully I will have an appetite in time for dinner - I really hate that. Thank goodness it is a rare occurrence and directly attributed to too much java. Now, I just know I am going to be sore as hell tomorrow morning. Good thing it's a swimming day and possibly biking. Upper body weights this afternoon or tonight and core work and then dead arms tomorrow morning. Now, do you get the "tear down" part? I guess I can see where it could be considered "building up," too. Tomato, potato. Speaking of which - BLT's for dinner tonight - bacon makes everything better.

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