Friday, March 20, 2009

La Dolce Vita

A few posts back I hinted at a possible upcoming trip. Well, I am prepared to provide the details as I know them now, because I just booked my flight - to Milan! To recap for those of you with short memories or who have misplaced your log of everything that is, has or will happen to me - While I was walking the dog about a week ago, I ran into a furniture rep who lives in my neighborhood. We got to talking and I asked about his travel schedule and he said he was just finishing booking flights to Milan for iSolani and a bunch of other furniture and lighting fairs that take place there at the end of April. "Hey, do you want to come with?" he asks. Well who wouldn't? So I propose this to my wife. And, if you can believe it, she gives me the OK! I am shocked. I continue to pursue it and A keeps asking if things are finalized, have I booked the flight yet, what are the dates again? I almost get the feeling that she is going to move the family to an unknown destination while I am gone. 

You may be asking yourself, is this just some sort of boondoggle? No, it really is a great opportunity on several levels. I get to see a different side of the interior design industry. I have considered repping if I found the right company or lines. This will give me a chance to see what is happening at ground level rather than looking through the pinhole I currently have as a frame of reference. I am also pursuing freelance writing and this trip will give me a lot of good stuff to write about - interior design stuff, travel stuff, running stuff, etc. (Know any magazine editors? Send me an email address and I will send them a proposal.) 

We are still nailing down accommodations. We might be staying about four blocks from the Duomo (which I love.) Or we may have to stay by the train station and fight off hookers to get to our room (which I also love.) Oh, the stories I will have to tell.