Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Re-thinking "The Plan"

Bike: Ready to go outside. Weather is not cooperating (read: I still don't want to ride outside.)
Legs: Lower legs well shaved, upper legs still a little patchy. Now that the majority of the hair is gone, I kind of want it back. With no hair my legs look very pale and kind of spindly. They are also really dry - time to break out the lotion. I guess to some extent I am starting to get "running legs" and I am not used to it. Hopefully, a few days of Florida sun will get some color on them and I will get used to seeing them. Then, when I get home the weather should be nice and I can start running and biking in shorts (wishful thinking.) Baby steps.


Charisa said...

Hmmmmm, sounds like the legs are pretty prepared for the bike!!

Natalie said...

That sounds hilarious! But it's useless without pictures! HAHA

It has been rather windy so I understand not wanting to get outside to bike. Better pop it back on the trainer for the rest of the week. I get the whole "train in all conditions" idea, but when there's very few nice days happening, that's a tough motto to live by.

By all means, please bring some sun and warmth back from FL! Have a fun trip!