Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Has Arrived

I am sitting in Florida right now. If you have read my blog for awhile, you will know that I am not a fan of Florida (more on that later) however, I am actually enjoying it right now (it doesn't hurt that parts of my home state are getting snow and I am on a lanai wearing shorts.) The trip did not start out on a particularly stellar note. We flew from the cold sun of Minneapolis to Atlanta where we had a two hour layover. This was just enough time for Delta to lose our checked luggage. It was also where I found out that WiFi is not free in all airports - who charges for WiFi anymore? Apparently Atlanta's Airport Commission - I didn't buy. The kids were getting squirrely, I was getting crabby and A was getting annoyed - mostly at me being crabby with the squirrels.

The flights were actually rather uneventful. Of course, A might have a different opinion as I got to sit by myself in an empty row for the first leg while she sat with the kids and then I was in the row directly behind them on the second leg. (I sat next to my favorite fellow passengers. The TB sufferer with the wet hacking cough and the obvious germaphobe who kept sighing and pulling her shirt up over her nose with each hack - I just held my breath as I looked out the window.) 

I will have to admit that the folks at Delta are much nicer than the ogres at North-worst and the planes are nicer. The only complaint I have about Delta's planes are the seats - the upholstery is a super slick, leather-like, vinyly kind of covering that reminds me of the stuff they cover the exam tables in a doctor's office with and at the same time, a tinkle sheet. It was very disconcerting and I kept waiting for a doctor to stop by and ask me to bend over and breath easy.

This first day was pretty good. The weather was nice and I am starting to calm down from the travel, but I do get extremely antsy just sitting around at the pool or on the beach. I am not much of a sit still kind of guy, especially on vacation. At least I have a few things to do and I can always add a couple more runs or swims to kill the time. It kind of sounds like I am stuck in a penal colony rather than on vacation. Tomorrow is another day breakin' rock and tryin' not to get shivved by my bunkmate. Wish me luck.



MMM Florida. I knew you would come around.

I bet you look cool in sandles and knee high black socks.

Charisa said...

Those squirrels will get ya every time!

I'm not good at sitting around for long either - although a good book sometimes solves that problem . . .for about an hour :)

Have fun!