Monday, March 23, 2009

Working "The Plan"

I have made progress on "the plan" from my previous post. I got the bike off the trainer, put the outside tire on. Filled it with a CO2 cartridge, because I had never done that and wanted to see what to expect when I need to do it in a race or a ride. (Those things fill a tire quick and are seriously only a one shot deal.) This morning I started to shave my legs. The first time takes for-ever. I decided to stage it instead of one marathon session (hey, I have other things to do, too.) Today has been pouring rain all day, so no outside bike for me, but I could always pop my bike back on the trainer. 

I did get a good swim workout in. We had a set of 200s that left my arms feeling like little noodles (you know, the super thin Chinese rice noodles, not the fatter, but equally delicious, udon noodles), but it was good to really put them to work. Mmmm, noodles. Oh, look! Lunchtime.


Natalie said...

Hey, way to did the first step and got the bike ready! The first step is always the hardest!

Mary said...

I was in the pool today thinking of you as I looked down at my really hairy legs...T-odd is shaving his off, I'm using mine for drag. So funny.

Good luck with getting the rest of "that" off. Would could always do an after run wax job with our coffee.