Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Have You Seen My Wagon?

Because I seem to have fallen off of it. It shouldn't be too far away though. I didn't work out today. I was going to go on a ride OUTSIDE for the first time this spring but couldn't find anyone to go with me and then I had to meet the painter at my in-laws to pick a paint color for their new garage door and then A was coming home early so she wanted to do some yard work. So, after a couple of weeks of "6-for-7" I am off the wagon. However, tomorrow we have our usual run - mile repeats at the track - and MS and I are going to go for a bike ride. It is about fricking time. So, missing a workout today but doubling up tomorrow makes everything even out, right? 


Natalie said...

I'm not so sure on your "evening out" theory. Weren't you already behind with all that Easter candy you've been sucking down?! Just kidding! You're probably due a small break with all that marathon training you're doing.

Enjoy your bike tomorrow!

D said...

I missed BOTH my workouts today. Granted, I'm going to do the swim in the morning instead. But still.
I'm still sick and needed to eat a whole pizza to myself instead of training. These things happen.

Charisa said...

I did my bike workout today and it was AWFUL. So I SHOULD have skipped my workout :)