Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lamb Cake Redux

The women I run with got such a kick out of the lamb cake that I offered more photos.

Anticipating the reveal.

My brother-in-law's face is classic. Notice my wife's disgust and the kids' fascination.

This is the original uncropped pic from the previous post - now you can really see how unimpressed my wife is.


Natalie said...

Hmmm...I don't know about that cake. I could see my hubby pulling something like that and me having the reaction of your wife - well, first we'd have to be catholic though!

I'll definitely keep you posted on the SUP status. I have a call into LakeSUP to find out about rental rates and season opening. I would guess that they open the season around Memorial Day and there'll be a bunch of wetsuiters out there.

BTW...have you heard of those nuts who surf Lake Superior in the dead of winter? I guess the swells are pretty good, but that's pretty hard core.

Mary said...

WOW...that is awesome.

I told my kids I get to eat the whole lamb head because I gave up all sweets for lent. And then I told them that if any one of them wanted to try it AND MADE IT to the end next year, I would make each kid their own lamb cake to cut the head off of and eat.

I'll post photos of the beheading soon.

No coconut on the lamb??? What the hell is that all about. Don't you know Jesus loves coconut?

Roo said...

So cool! My mom used to make a bunny cake decorated with candies and coconut!

D said...

Jesus loves coconut? I'm learning more about Jesus everyday!

Charisa said...

WOW - and the inside of the lamb is even red - like in real life!! IMPRESSIVE! Seriously - if your current career doesn't pan out the way you would like, perhaps consider a cake shop! :)