Thursday, June 25, 2009

Someone Please Tell Me There Is Nothing Wrong

This is such a loaded statement, so let's just lob it up there and let you jolly jokers take a swing. Here is where this is coming from. I did get a run in this evening (instead of going to E's soccer game were she kicked ass and took names and scored a goal - now I feel bad.) Once again it was hot and humid and I was sweaty. I can't seem to get my legs to go faster. 

Now, can someone tell me that this "governor" is heat related. I couldn't get the running legs going in the heat of the race on Saturday, I couldn't get the legs going on Tuesday and then I couldn't get them going again tonight. Nothing feels strange. I feel like I am breathing a little faster than usual, but that has to be heat related. 

Right now I am chalking this up to heat acclimation and that come race day - if it's hot - I will be better prepared than last year. I will keep an eye on my runs and see if there are any improvements.

Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated.


D said...

I do VERY poorly in the heat. Two weeks ago I almost passed out at just under 40 minutes. This week (after almost a week of no training) banged out an hour in ~18 degrees and raining.
I have no real advice, but you're not alone.

NJ said...

I'm with the heat idea. Even though mine was a good run, I still had trouble getting the legs going. They felt like I had 10 lb weights on each. I ran in the same heat as you and in the same general time (3:30 pm for me).

That said, you did mention that you had the huge weight flucutation earlier due to water loss, tonight could be related to that. Maybe you could try out a gel before a run when you're going out in the heat and may give that little boost you need to get the legs moving. The differenty occasions could be related or maybe's a bit of a crapshoot!

Maggs said...

I have to acclimate to heat. Or put ice down my bra. Buy a bra. Wear it. Stop at gas stations and stuff it with ice.