Thursday, June 25, 2009

Struck By Lightening

OK - not really, but the fear was there when I woke up to a loud and violent thunderstorm. No running for me around an open lake with tall trees and power lines. Back to sleep. In the time it took me to go downstairs, send off an email saying, "No Run," grab a drink of water and return to the bedroom, the dog had taken over my side of the bed. AND HE WOULD NOT MOVE. I didn't want to wrestle with him for fear of waking A up (and we all know what happens when I do that - no it ain't that - she gets crabby) so I curled up in the fetal position on the very edge of the mattress and wiggled my feet under a little bit of sheet that was available and laid there cursing myself for being a spineless pet owner.

Now I don't know when I am going to find time to get in a run or anything else. I am getting a haircut however so that kind of counts as training. (Doesn't it?) I will be sure to report how I get my sweat on today, because that is all any of my dear readers (mom) wants to know about. Zzzzzzz!

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Charisa said...

Oh my - that dog just takes right over the bed huh?! Lightning storms are SUPER exciting when you are safe inside, but not so good for getting in a nice run. Hope it worked out!