Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Worse Than Waiting for Christmas

I have been catching up on some race reports and now I am buzzing with excitement. My legs are coming around from the marathon on Sunday. No more stiff quads and lurching down stairs. Now I have to tell myself to relax a little longer. I won't be back in the pool again until next week when we start LCM outside. I absolutely will not allow myself to run until next Tuesday. So I have been spending time on the bike - mostly running the kids to and from school, but that is way more than I did last year. 

My first tri is 17 days from today. It's a quick sprint race to get the season off to a fast start. I have a little list of to-dos between now and then.
  • Get in some open water swims - preferred but not necessary.
  • Hit Masters twice a week - pretty much required at this point.
  • Practice a flying bike mount - because it's cool looking and will make a huge difference.
  • Get a few bricks in - gotta start 'em sometime, right?
  • Train to swim fast, bike fast and run fast - like real fast!
  • Figure out race attire - hey, a guys got to look good, too. (I will not be wearing the new shirt - that comes later.)
I can not wait to get racing again, but I must wait, I must.


Charisa said...

Please post pictures of flying bike mount practice!

Mary said...

I think video would be even better.

Maggs said...

I think the top priority for me would be to figure out the race outfit.

I'm going to try the flying bike mount this weekend at a sprint tri. First time ever. Could be disastrous.

t-odd said...

Mary's comment has just made her the de facto videographer. When and where, sista?