Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kids on the Rocks

This year the kids are at a great age - old enough to get around on their own by bike, young enough to be fearless. As I noted before we have been coming to this area for about 10 years now and this is the first year we have brought the kids' bikes with. We rode our bikes about a half hour north of the house to Whitefish Dunes State Park and after E recovered from whining about how tired her legs were, we climbed around on the rocks that overhang Lake Michigan. It made A's "palms sweat" but the kids and I had a great time risking imminent death or at least an unplanned swim. Here are a bunch of pics.
A great picture of A and the kids - on a cliff.

The kids stuck under an overhang.

A precarious rock bridge.

E perched precariously.

A dangerous hole.

The kids under that "dangerous hole."

I love this one - A peaking over telling F to get away from the edge while I tell him to get closer to the edge.

"Yoo Hoo! Kids, I'm down here."

Keep climbing!

"What lies over yonder horizon?"

At one point on the bike trail near the nature center you come upon these little settings depicting life at different times in the early history of the Door County Peninsula. I have sepia toned them to increase the creepy, "Blair Witch Project-ness" of it.


D said...

Great pics! Looks like tons of fun :)

And those last few are SUPER creepy with the Sepia. Awesome.

NJ said...

This looks like such a fun vacation!