Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maybe No More Upper Body Workouts

Here are a couple of always flattering race pictures from the Door County Tri. 

Apparently I can lay off the upper body workouts because in both pictures I look a little "over developed." But hey, look at me all ready to dismount with my feet already out of my shoes. (What a pro.)

Maybe I wouldn't have so many problems staying cool if I didn't insist on carrying my lucky beaver pelt stuffed down the front of my shirt. (This may actually have been a live beaver this time as it looks like it has started to chew its way out of my jersey.)


IAN said...

Hahahaha... I feel your pain!! I basically quit lifting months ago and it is slow to fade.

I think you need a sick mustache to match the pelt. Zabriskie style

Charisa said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I just fell off my chair from lauaghing. AT WORK.

Are you a weight-lifter in the off-season? Maybe stop that.

And beavers make you run fast right?!

D said...

Dude. Whoa. I think there's a few teams in the CFL looking for cheap players. Might be time to make a sport change.

Roo said...

I was thinking I might be able to win the bench press competition at the Y next month (girls only have to bench 1/2 their weight) but if you're going to be there I'm thinking I'm toast.