Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Training Methods

With only a few days left of vacation I have decided to stop fooling myself and just not run. I will run with my peeps when I get home. I still have about 8 weeks until the Twin Cities Marathon and I am not going to be all fat and out of shape if I don't run until Saturday, right?

I have not sworn off all training however. I have been using some new training methods and some new training partners and they are really working me. 

To keep me focused and minimize distractions they insisted on taking the ferry to Washington Island with only our bikes for transportation on the island. (OK - that was my idea, but they agreed.) When we arrived we got right down to business.

E is a very serious training parter. Notice she is keeping her eyes focused keenly on the prize.

F is a bit friendlier, at least with the camera on him.

F likes to pull the train.

I was having a tough time holding onto E's wheel a lot of the time. Those little legs turn a HUGE gear at a very high cadence.

Time for an open water swim. Our goal - the iron ore ship on the horizon.

First some core work. Take these rocks and throw them as far as you can.

E and F understand that so much of training is mental. We spent some time practicing patience, finding balance and reaching a state of Zen.

E and F also helped me better understand nutrition. On the return trip we refueled with Cokes and raspberry Milano cookies.

Our pit-stop really helped. Coke is an excellent fuel for 7- and 9-year-olds. It's like high-octane race car fuel. The speed of the return trip was so high F was blowing his hair out the top of his helmet.

Finally waiting to board the ferry back to the mainland. A good hard day of training complete.

(A got a day without the kids. Aren't I a nice husband? Actually, she insisted I take the kids and give her some alone time. When I say "insisted" I mean "ordered," but then you already knew that.)


Tasha the Triathlon Goddess said...

Glad to see the kids are doing their part as training partners, i.e. getting your ass in shape. Looks like a fun time was had by all! And, I *highly* approve of their nutrition plan.....

beth said...

um. this post is HILARIOUS!!! i love the training day. hope you were able to hang on their wheels!