Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Quick Result

Here are my results from today's Lifetime Fitness Triathlon. I am happy with everything but the run. (There is a story behind the run again and again it involves peeing.) I will definitely take 8th in my AG and 47th overall. Check back later tonight or tomorrow for a more detailed report with highlights including: beating the crap out of multiple swimmers (including possibly my friends MS and CS,) meeting blogger Natalie, meeting blogger Steve, scaring the ever living shit out of pro winner Sarah Haskins, peeing, taking pictures of pros and colorful (probably bloody) diarrhea.

Results For:
Todd Olson
International Course
Bib #: 1684
Age: 41
Gender: M
City, State: Edina, MN
Nation: USA
Race Category: International Age Group - Men 40 to 44
Triathlon Results - International Course
Finish Time: 2:23:30.8
Category Place: 8 out of 107 Men 40 to 44 finishers
Overall Place: 47 out of 1044 International Course finishers
Gender Overall Plc: 45 out of 746 Male finishers
Triathlon Splits
Swim 1.5K
Time: 22:56.3
Pace: 1:31 /100m
Category Place: 6
Overall Place: 20
Gender Overall Plc: 17
Transition #1
Time: 2:51.0
Category Place: 28
Overall Place: 266
Gender Overall Plc: 198
Bike 40K
Time: 1:08:32.0
Pace: 22.3MPH
Category Place: 14
Overall Place: 67
Gender Overall Plc: 65
Transition #2
Time: 1:29.7
Category Place: 9
Overall Place: 103
Gender Overall Plc: 79
Run 10K
Time: 47:41.6
Pace: 7:41/M
Category Place: 36
Overall Place: 241
Gender Overall Plc: 207


NJ said...

Those are AWESOME results! Congrats! Loved meeting your and your beautiful family!

D said...

If you didn't shit in your pants, you're no friend of mine.

Court said...

was that you who bumped into me on the swim?? ha ha. Great race today, it was so fun hanging out with you... can't wait for some gory details!

Mary said...

T-odd nice job today. I know the blood in the stool is a bummer but seriously...what do you expect with that time?

You should have peed in the lake before the race.

Charisa said...

Congrats and get rehydrated or whatever went wrong! :)

Maggs said...

Nice solid race. Have a great recovery.