Friday, July 10, 2009

Ready to Rock!

Just a quick post pre-race. My wave goes off about 8:00 AM (CST). My race number is #1684. I have a blue swim cap so if I go down, NO ONE WILL SEE ME! I am feeling good and can't wait to wake up and get ready for my 4:45 AM pick-up. (Luckily I don't sleep well on the night before a race.) I am not sure what kind of tracking the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon has, if any, but you can check to make sure my race report is honest. Now, to lie around and try to keep my adrenaline in check.


D said...

WOOT! Kick some ass out there!

NJ said...

WooHoo! Good luck! See you tomorrow. (I have to be there by 4am to get my instructions)

Maggs said...

Good luck!