Sunday, July 5, 2009

Six Days to Truth

Lifetime Fitness Olympic Triathlon is next Saturday. (I think a lot of the pros are in town or will be soon, so I will be like a 13 year old girl trying to rub shoulders with these folks, but not in a stalkerish way.) I had been doing very well with training (and still am in reality) but have done nothing, really, for the last two days. I did ride around Lake Harriet with the family but of course that doesn't raise the heart rate. 

I blew off the opportunity to run yesterday morning and then I blew off the opportunity to go for a bike ride this morning. This week will be better. I am planning on swimming on Monday and Wednesday and running Tuesday and Thursday as usual. I would like to fit in at least one bike ride and two if possible and then have nothing on Friday. I just can't seem to get on my bike consistently.

I have to remember that anything that I do or don't do this upcoming week will probably have little impact on my performance. (Unless I am a total idiot and decide to ride a hundred miles or run two-a-days, which I won't be doing.)

A week Lifetime is my HIM. I am concerned that workouts I miss this week will have an impact on that race however. I guess I will just take it one day at a time for the next couple of weeks - the base is there, I just have to trust in it for the races.


Charisa said...

I think you will be ready for BOTH races! Can't wait to see them unfold :) They are going to be fun!!

NJ said...

I am also feeling like 13 year old with a crush...I would love to rub shoulders with a few of these pros. After body marking for the race, I'll have plenty of time to watch it all. Make sure to find me in body marking...and good luck! (BTW, let me know what your number is once you get it so I can snap a few photos when I see you on the course)

Tons of extra batteries...check
Extra memory card...check

Roo said...

Can you snap some photos of the hot pros for me?