Sunday, July 5, 2009

That Would Be Some Pretty Decent Scotch

Today I celebrate 13 mostly wonderful years with my first wife. (See, I can never be serious.) Thirteen years ago we got married and it has been a wonderful life all along. We have had some bumps, some potholes, some spinouts, some construction zones, some freeways and some traffic jams. But in all the miles we have travelled together we haven't fought over the radio station much and we always wear our seat belts. (I am milking the driving analogy waaaay too much aren't I?) So here is to A and I and to another 13 fabulous years. (Followed, of course, by 13 more fabulous years - let see that gives us 39 - and to a bunch more after that.) Yeah, us!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of A.

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Tasha the Triathlon Goddess said...

How sweet - congrats to you both! And, umm...keep on truckin'? (I think you took all the other "road" sayings already.....)