Monday, July 27, 2009

A Theme

Following are a bunch of pictures. They are kind of random, but a theme develops. This will not score me points with potential employers, my wife, my in-laws or law enforcement officials in any number of southern states. I will however score points with my 7-year-old son, maybe my 9-year-old-daughter and 12-year-old boys across the country (and people with the maturity level of said 12-year-olds, myself included.)

Still on vacation - we saw this little critter napping on the wall outside our front door this morning.

Does anyone else find anything funny about my breakfast this morning? (My wife saw this one at the table and we shared a laugh, so you can too. And yes, I ate every bite.)

We went to this petting zoo called "The Farm" today like we do every year. They have sheep.

They have sows and piglets.

They have horses. My timing could not have been worse.

Oh, this picture is much better. This is "Big Duke." Duh!

And an ass.

(If anyone is baffled by the "theme" I will post a slightly more obvious version tomorrow, but come on, it's all pretty obvious, isn't it?)


Charisa said...

haaaahaaaa awesome! WHAT is that napping thing on the wall??

erika said...


D said...

I think I'm worse than a 12 year old... more like a 15 year old boy. hehehehehehhehehehe

t-odd said...

That first picture is of a little brown bat.

kerrie said...

hmmmmm, i think i'm seeing a theme