Friday, July 24, 2009

The Vacation Yawns

I am not a very good vacationer. I hit ten days max and I am crawling out of my skin wanting get back home. I am kind of there right now. I miss Apollo - the dog - who, apparently, has not been playing well with others at the boarding facility. ("He's not 'aggressive,' just a little rough with the other dogs. He has been getting extra 'naps.'" great - my dog has behavior issues and is in time-out ALL THE TIME.)

We did have a pretty fun day with the kids. We went to this place called "Hands On Art Studio." I thought it would be just some glorified paint-your-plate place, but it was so much more. They had mosaics, jewelry making (and not just beading), glass making and metal working. 

F had absolutely no interest until he saw the metal working. Here are pictures of my future welder (and if that happens I will truly be jealous - I really want to learn how to weld.)

"Let's cut some steel!" (He was actually mad at me because I embarrassed him earlier when he walked into the ceramics studio, started touching everything and then knocked five pieces over - no breakage. He said to me as I told him, "Don't touch, AN-Y-THING!" "DAD! It's called 'HANDS ON Art!'")

Working the plasma cutter.

Almost done.

Grinding off the burrs.

A few more sparks.

A few finishing touches.

While F was workin' the steel, E was painting some ceramics. She made a very nice little box. Here is a picture of her with her two little cousins. 

When E saw what F had done, she wanted to come back and work some steel as well. We'll go back, I have some designs of my own to make. 

OH, I saw the hugest cock!

He was just strutting around, crowing.

We also got some wind today that really whipped the lake into some "surf." I almost tried to get out and bodysurf (I have been able to in the past) but A reminded me I had chicken to grill - DE-NIED!

Tomorrow looks like more of the same. I do have a ten mile run scheduled so that will save me somewhat. (I know, I know - I am totally able to suck the joy out of just about any occasion.)


D said...

Just say NO to boarding facilities. Find yourself a good dog sitter. I know an awesome one, unfortunately she's in Vancouver ;)

I saw a large cock this week too.

NJ said...

You would have to add the cock humor...what looks like a nice, innocent post about family takes a turn! LOL

I seriously want more information about this vacation area you're going to because it looks like a fun place to go! The hiking alone hooked me, but now this hands on art shop seals the deal. I assume there are a few cabins and resorts up there for rent on a weekly basis.

Charisa said...

haaaaha I'm still laughing at the hugest cock picture! And the welding makes me cringe - all I see is small children losing fingers or something awful. Perhaps it is good I don't have kids yet :)