Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Difference of Opinion

Or maybe it's perspective. Whatever.

Yesterday I was kind of tired all day. I ran in the morning, but not particularly hard - I just think I didn't sleep real great. Anyway, if you read my previous post (and weren't weirded-out by me talking about my "parts") I mentioned that the nurse guessed I was a runner after taking my blood pressure and telling me I have a pulse of 52. (I was thinking to myself - wow, I am in pretty good shape, this running junk works.) So, I come home and announce to A that my HR was 52. Her response, "Wow, that's low. Maybe that is why you are so tired."

For me a badge or honor. For A a cause for concern. It's funny how it's all about your frame of reference.


NJ said...

There is a free diver named Mark Addison who has a resting heart rate of 30 due to a genetic condition (he free dives with tiger sharks! :-0 ). This allows him to dive for up to 6 minutes at a depth of 150 feet before needing air. Maybe that low HR is helping you on the swim...or maybe it just makes you post crazy things about your parts.

D said...

My dad's low heart rate (can shoot down to 20bpm) causes him to fall asleep without notice - not while driving or anything, but he can be sitting on the couch having a conversation one minute and passed out the next. It's pretty amusing.

Charisa said...

I think you are just tired because you are training lots - it happens :)