Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Morning and a PSA

***This post gets a little "personal" so if you would rather just read funny stuff about my kids or marvel at my incredible athletic endeavors, then maybe you want to come back later. I am not saying this won't be humorous, but my body parts might be alluded to.***

This morning I had my first run with MS in what seemed a very long time. It was nice to catch up with her. Her dad has been engaged in an ongoing battle with prostate cancer and they have exhausted all the "conventional" treatments so they headed down to the Mayo Clinic last week to see if they could get some info on new or different treatments.

In the course of our conversation about her dad's doctor visit, MS told me the doctor asked her dad when his last digital prostate exam was (for those unfamiliar with the male anatomy and what this exam entails let me paint you a picture - the doctor crams his finger up your "bung hole" and feels your prostate to make sure it's not bumpy or bigger than it should be - sounds like fun, right?) His reply was something to the effect, "That is a 'one way' street and nothing goes up there." MS voiced what I was thinking - that sentiment is part of what got you here today!

Following our run I had a run-in of my own with Dr. Jellyfinger also known as my urologist. Here is a little background:

My dad died of prostate cancer ten years ago this year. He had an extremely aggressive form, but stayed with us for 18 months longer than the six months they had originally expected. He was 57. That is young for a person to be diagnosed with and then die of prostate cancer. Because of his young age and the aggressive nature of his cancer, my primary care physician recommended I see a urologist once a year starting about five years ago just to be safe.

So here is the PSA (this actually has a dual meaning - Public Service Announcement and Prostate Specific Antigen - the "thing" in the blood test commonly used to detect early prostate cancer. Here I mean the former.) (This only applies to men - women have other "parts" to mess around with.)

Men, when your doctor recommends that you start having your prostate checked - have it checked! The whole "digital exam" takes like thirty seconds at the very most. Oh, and according to a doctor friend - if you think you don't like getting that exam, apparently doctors like giving it even less. So don't be a "cool guy" who never "lets anything in through the out door." Relax! It might save your life someday.

BTW - My tests all came out normal and just fine. The nurse who took my blood pressure and pulse asked if I was a runner. Perhaps my nearly dead heart rate or barely perceptible blood pressure gave me away - she wouldn't tell me how she knew.

(And that is more than anyone ever wanted to know about me!)


Roo said...

I feel so much better now about the pics I shared of my body parts.

t-odd said...

Damn! That's right, I was going to post pictures as well. Ah, it's too late now.

D said...

Do any men even read your blog? I think you posted this purely for the pleasure of talking about your doctor's finger up your bum to a bunch of chicks. You're a strange man.

Charisa said...

Getting tested is WAY better than getting cancer!!! And your dead HR is always a good sign - you are in SHAPE!