Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Am Dumb (that goes without saying)

I was all excited because I signed up for a tune-up race for the Twin Cities Marathon. I had run the City of Lakes 25K last year and was interested to see how I would do this year. I had my race plan all set for this Sunday. Then I started thinking about the fact that I had not received my race number in the mail yet. Had it come and I threw it away? I better check to make sure they didn't change how they deliver numbers.

I went to the race web site and damn if the race is NOT this Sunday. It's NEXT Sunday. The Sunday I am in Madison, WI volunteering for IMWI. WTF?! I am such a moron! So now I don't have a tune-up race and I am out $30 registration fee. I guess a DNS is better than a DNF.

Just to prove that A and I are a ditzy match made in heaven. Here is how the first step of her run yesterday morning started.

(She hit bottom - that is like 4" of wet concrete.)

Perhaps now people will understand where my children get their blonde hair. (NJ - I am not sure where they get their looks either - I give my wife full credit for that side of the equation. I take responsibility for their smart mouths and penchant for finding "toilet humor" and burps incredibly funny.)

Now I have to figure out a race-pace workout (the timing isn't good for an actual race.) I was thinking about doing a 15 mile route with no stops, but that just seems mind-numbing to me. Maybe 10 would be better. Maybe I will do that next week after the kids go to school. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to offer them. (Legitimate suggestions preferred, but I know I will get smart-ass suggestions from D - don't let me down.)

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Charisa said...

AWESOME!!! That is the best photo I've seen all day!