Monday, August 31, 2009

The Great Minnesota Gorge Together

After a week of licking my wounds from last week's failed experiment in blogging. I have retuned. This post has just about everything anyone could want - animals, kids, food, obesity, body parts and crop art. Enjoy! (You ungrateful bastards.)

The last week of summer is always punctuated by a visit to the Minnesota State Fair. Every year it is basically the same thing. Animal barns, kids rides and food.

Officially it's called "The Great Minnesota Get Together" but the kids and I made it a fair-food fest.

Main entrance.

The mascot.

We got going early. For E, it was too early because she had a difficult time figuring out what she wanted for breakfast so we left the house with her unfed. (I know, "good parenting," but just you wait - it gets even more impressive.)

It was a beautiful sunny day with cool temps - just a perfect day for the fair. We entered on the north entrance so it wasn't at all crowded and the food booths were plentiful. First order of business, find E some breakfast. What did we settle on? Prono-Pups. (Like corn dogs, but much better. OK - exactly like corn dogs, but they have sweetness in the batter.)

E had already finished her Pronto-Pup. F still had a little nub left. Notice also our morning beverage of choice - Sprite! (Now that is some good parenting. You will notice my wife is no where to be seen, she was working.)

From here we actually looked at some stuff. I will let the pictures speak mostly for themselves.

First up the Horticulture Building

Scarecrows made of various materials. I also like the various seed corn samples on the wall - how do they judge that stuff?

Crop Art = art made from corn, wheat, barley and any other type of grain.

This was my favorite.

I actually kind of liked these from a graphic design point of view.

On the way to the animal barns we came across one of Minnesota's finest contributions to the cuisine of the world.

My kids are "thrilled," especially E.

Then we came across the the second of Minnesota's finest contributions to the cuisine of the world.

(Try to imagine a tater-tot hotdish on a stick with cream of mushroom dipping sauce. Some of you probably have NO idea what I am talking about.)

Finally, we made it to the animals.


I love them in their little jackets to keep their wool clean before showing.

Getting groomed.

Nuts! (or as F would say, "Nuths!")

Different nuts. (I especially like the chainsaw sculpture with the guy pondering his future while a bear sneaks up behind him to rip his head off with razor sharp claws - or at least that's my interpretation. Hey, it's "art" - I can see whatever I want.)


Thrilled kids, once again.



Pig on the loose.

Pigs getting a shower.

After seeing where so much of our delicious food comes from we were hungry.

Hmm, what first.

Deep fried cheese curds and Icees.

E liked the curds way more then F.

E and I had roasted corn on the cob. F wasn't interested.

That was followed in rapid succession by:

Tom Thumb Mini-Donuts and

Sweet Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The fair is always good for people watching. With a mass of humanity like this:

It's not uncommon to see people like this:
This gentleman was nothing compared to the rather larger woman standing behind me at the ticket booth. Wheezing. While she was standing.

and couples like this:
I like the way the pink feminizes what could easily be mistaken for a camo blouse that matches her husband's hat and t-shirt ensemble.

All in all it was a very fun day. Can't wait for next year.


Mary said...

That's my brother and his wife you ass hole!

And nice work on the nut shots.

Welcome back.

Wow, what a way to come back...the State Fair.

NJ said...

First...You kids are too cute to have come from you. I'm thinking there might be a milkman involved somewhere.

I love the horse barn at the fair! Some of those things get HUGE! Those pronto pups are so good...I would say they qualify for breakfast food. Kinda like eating grits and sausage!

I don't quite get the Sweet Martha cookie obsession. I mean, they're okay, but nothing I can't bake in my own kitchen (you can now get SM cookies frozen in the grocery store).

Welcome back...I'm glad you're posting again. I missed the (perverted boy type) humor that only you can deliver! LOL

D said...

Do your children understand that what they are eating is those cute, innocent animals they just saw?

Roo said...

Thank you for blogging. I missed your weirdity. My verification is redog. Does that mean have another hot dog on a stick?

t-odd said...

Roo - I think it does. So I think I will. Mmm - Pronto-pup.

Tasha the Triathlon Goddess said...

Ah, a state fair - you do me proud, young grasshopper. But tell us more about this hotdish-on-a-stick. I'm intrigued. So vague and yet oddly threatening. Hmm.

And I love that the kids ate nothing but fried or buttery foodstuffs all day - it's never too early to get them started out right! Well done! :-)