Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 Is Going To Be "Interesting"

In my experience "interesting" is never a good thing. And so may go 2010, but it's only one year, right?

First off, I need to thank everyone who commented on my last post. Your encouragement, suggestions and feedback was very much appreciated.

I had a great talk with my sister over coffee today. She had some career planning questions for me which, surprisingly, I was apparently very helpful with. I know, right? "Those who can't do, teach." She also helped me clarify my plan for the year. I am going to make an effort to work the plan I outlined below. I have an idea for my first story, I just have to track the guy down, but I should be able to do that in January. So I am thinking that if I can find a unique event or person every couple of months and then write the story and market it, I will be happy with that.

This leaves me a lot of extra time which I will fill either looking for another job or actually working. What will I be doing? Well at this time I am thinking I would like to find a job working at a running store, bike store or someplace like REI. It might be Starbucks for all I know. I just need to get out of my house. Another opportunity might present itself as an architect friend of mine, recently laid off, and I are going to get together after the first of the year and see if we might want to put a little residential practice together. It's an interesting opportunity as we would be able to keep the overhead super low and we collaborate very well together. We'll see.

So maybe you, my 10's of readers (that might be a little presumptuous,) can make some suggestions of races or events that might be interesting/entertaining. I would like to find some in the Minnesota or Chicago area in the first quarter of 2010 as it will be easier to get to these. When the first few stories are successful (think positive, right?) I will then look at other areas of the country. First I need to make it through the holidays. I really find the whole thing rather tedious and stressful. Just a couple more weeks, I think I can make it.


Beth said...

Okay I know this is a long way off but there is a race every year in Pittsburgh the Saturday after Thanksgiving called the Dirty Dozen. It's a bike race where the riders race up 12 of the steepest hills in the city (some of them as steep as a 37% grade...and on cobblestones no less). It started off small with only a few crazies doing it but now it's HUGE and has gained a little national press. Anyway, not sure if that's what you are looking for but if you want to do a story on it you can stay with us for sure!!! :)

Charisa said...

Chicago - the run up the John Hancock Building - it's in the winter. There are actually "pros" who do this race.

NJ said...

Way to chase your dreams! Good luck!

There is the Arrowhead Ultra in International Falls that starts the 1st of Feb. While others have and do write about it, I bet you could put your one unique spin on it. At least it would be "close" to home.

There's also that 2 mile Lake Superior swim in August starting at Bayfield.

That's all that I know of close by, but I'll let you know if I hear of anymore.

Anonymous said...

E had a basketball game last night. This was her 1st game but the team's 2nd. She was so nervous she would make a mistake that she sat out the 1st game and watched from the sideline. Last night on the way to the game she was still terrified but after a little "courage" pep talk, went into the game. She didn't score any points and she missed a few passes. At some points, she looked totally lost when a play was called that she couldn't remember. But - she was the best little hustler. She stuck to her opponent and defended the basket and didn't shy away from the ball when it found it's way to her. She was so pumped after the game and I was so proud of her for facing her fears and diving in. The ball is now in your court.

Jill Costantino said...

Hey Todd -
This is for New Years Day in the Chicago area. I thought this was a Canadian thing but I guess you "Americans" thought it seemed like a pretty fun thing to do too.