Friday, December 18, 2009

Now, Back to Our Regular Programming

After taking a detour for a few posts to figure out my life for the next year I am returning to my standard format of discussing things that are really only of interest to me. Somehow I have managed to suck in some of you and you are all kind enough to feign interest and validate my existence.

Before I move completely on from "my life 2010" I ask you to go to the comments section of my previous post and read the anonymous comment "someone" left for me. "Someone" is not very good at hiding their identity and I appreciate that "somebody" took the time and effort to give me a big vote of confidence. "Someone" was under-appreciated in this respect. "Someone else" (me, for the easily confused) is a big dope.

OK - on to the other stuff.

The Holidays Can Suck My Balls

(These balls, not other balls.)

Ugh! I am so over the holidays! They really bring out the absolute worst in people - impatience, ignorance and insensitivity. Today alone I was almost run over twice in two separate parking lots as people raced to get a parking spot. Then, as I was waiting at the grocery store, I overheard a woman, after explaining that she was a ticket agent for Delta Airlines, say, "I know, I have to check in all those stressed out, terrible people." Nice attitude. Maybe if your company wasn't staffed by an inordinately high percentage of insensitive morons and led by a larger group of misfits who, when presented with a problem, can only come up with another fee to charge customers until we will have to pay for every sheet of toilet paper we use, those "terrible people" wouldn't be quite so stressed out. (But I digress.)

Earlier this week as I was again at the grocery store (I spend a lot of time at the grocery store) I see one of the "fabulous" mom's from the kids' school walking across the parking with her groceries being toted behind her by the bag boy (it's a free service to everyone - yes, it's fancy) walk right up to her gigantic EarthFucker 3000 (thanks RR) parked in -- the handicapped spot closest to the entrance. She had no sticker on her license plate and no tag on her mirror and is certainly more than capable of walking the same distance as other "folks." I just hate that.

I have had enough of shopping and I haven't even begun to wrap. Then there are all the people who are going to show up and all the activities we have to do with the kids. I was just settling into a nice routine and now it's all going to be disrupted so I can participate in some over commercialized event that is totally at odds with the true inspiration for "the season."

I just want these next couple of weeks to be over so we can do away with the completely unnecessary stress of shooting for perfection in every way. Doesn't anyone subscribe to my theory of marginal effectiveness? Here's hoping your holidays are marginal.


Steve said...

You are right Anonymous Rocks!!! That was great!!

Steve said...

Oh, BTW, I know who it was too. ;-)

Meg Runs said...

It wasn't me!!

I actually shoot for less than marginal during the holidays and then when I make it through marginally, I really feel like I am perfect...perfectly marginal I guess.

MM said...

I decided to make gifts this year so i could avoid the mall. Seriously, I'd rather deal with the insensitive morons. And it's a good thing my niece and nephews are growing fast. They wont' have to wear the shirts I made too long. They should grow out of them long before they are old enough to be embarrassed by the quality.

Beth said...

People who park in handicapped spots who are in no way handicapped make me really sad. I mean that's just the worst ever!!

kerrie said...

i just really hate how everyone over-fucking-consumes during the holidays in every way. the buy-buy-buy frenzy is getting out of control. seriously - how much more plastic does my child need?

Question Authority. said...

The holidays make me want to become a Jehovah's Witness. I can relate to the whole pagan origin issue.

But then again, there are a lot of camera accessories on my Christmas wish list. Plus, I like all the lights.

ADC said...

You are not THAT popular for anonimuous comments!!!! Happy holidays mate :)

Heidi Austin said...

People really are so f-in lazy (especially the ones that still handicapped spaces). Not to be a pessimist, but the holidays do bring out the worst in people.