Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Christmas Finnism

Playing "Christmas Carols ABCs." (This is a car game we play where you name something - in this case, Christmas Carols - that start with each letter of the alphabet.)

A: "A"
E: "Angles We Have Heard on High."
A: "B"
Me: "Baby, It's Cold Outside."
A: "C"
F: "Cram It All In There."


Charisa said...

AHHHHA awesome!

Teresa said...

Very entertaining...sorta! :)


Court said...

F is hilarious!!! Love it.

Tasha the Triathlon Goddess said...

Carol of the Bells too pedestrian, huh? ;-)

Roo said...

In where?

erika said...

Laughed out loud at that one. Funny kid. Fuh-uh-unny kid.