Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catch up

So, everyone does those end of the year recaps followed by resolutions or goals for the new year. I like to read other people's recaps, but I think mine would just be a bunch of bullshit. Besides (as someone already pointed out) if you read my blog you don't need a recap. And I have kind of listed out my goals already so that would be a bunch of bullshit, too. (In case you didn't realize it, one of my goals is to use as much foul language as possible in every blog post even if it appears that I might have Tourettes when I type, cocksucker bitch whore. Not really, but it sure seems that way.)

I haven't posted much for the last couple of weeks what with my complete and utter dislike of the holidays and with the kids being home from school. Let me catch you up.

We decorated for Christmas and that fucking Empire is everywhere. I am starting to not like those guys.

(F would correct me and point out that that is, in fact, a clone trooper and not actually part of the Empire, yet.)

F had his school Christmas concert. (E's was earlier and I am not sure why we don't have any pictures of her.) Notice his fashionably disheveled look and the way he wears his belt rakishly off to the side. So fashion forward.

Joy of joys! My kids learned to snowboard! Here is E carving on her heel edge (actually she probably fell there, but I like to imagine it as the perfect heel edge turn.)

Here is F also executing a perfect heel edge carve.

My Grommets!

The best part was after their third lesson the three of us went snowboarding together. (I took a refresher lesson and found that I didn't forget much.) I can not remember the last time I had so much fun with my kids. I was so proud of them. We went again the next week and I might lobby for a Colorado vacation next year.

Of course presents were exchanged. Nothing too exciting for the kids or A. (This is my blog so who cares about what they got anyway, right?) I got some cool ones and some strange ones.

Cool Ones

I have to admit this was on my list. I was only half joking when I put it on there, but I was totally excited when I opened it. I haven't put it together yet. I promised the kids they could help. I also need to put all the Christmas decorations away so there will be room on the mantle for it when it's done. (Just kidding, honey!)

(No, I'm not kidding.)

I got this one, too. The funny part about this is that the price sticker already said "Willis Tower." (It was renamed like a month ago.)

I put this one together already. It is prominently displayed on my dresser. (Notice all the people in that post card staring at it in amazement.)

A got me these:

Now the whole family has snowshoes. We are planning to go to my aunt and uncle's cabin sometime this winter so we will have an opportunity to use them.

Strange Ones


I don't think I ever indicated a desire to kill my wife and a "friend" of her's so I am not sure where the idea for these came from. They went back to "fucking Macy's." I hate that place so much I returned them and then was bound and determined (with the kids in tow) to get something else so I wouldn't have to return. I looked for a sweater, a duvet cover, underwear - nothing! Then I decided on this:


There. Now you are all caught up from my last couple of weeks. On to all the new excitement of 2010.


Beth said...

Fallingwater!! Have you ever been to the real Fallingwater? It's close (sort of) to where I live and I love, love, love visiting that place. I want it to by my house. But only because I'm short. If you were tall you'd be screwed in that place. :)

Molly said...

You're starting to write (the profanity) the way I talk LOL! My personal favorite though is douchefuck. :) Try to fit that one in in the future, would you?

Roo said...

You stole my only goal asshole.

NJ said...

You know, since you got the knife, you should have kept the gloves. Now they're gonna know it was you...but you can always use the tourettes line of defense and your blog language will attest to it.

Charisa said...

LEGOS ROCK!!!! Totally laughing - falling off my chair really - at the knife :)

MM said...

I used to love to snowshoe. Now I don't like snow. But I still love shoes. Those Lego things are cool too.

t-odd said...

I am kind of surprised no one commented on the Lego clone trooper looking in on the Nativity scene. I guess it was only funny to us.

D said...

I'm not a big fan of the recapping. Look forward, not back. Right?

The Legos kick ass.

Erin said...

"I don't think I ever indicated a desire to kill my wife and a "friend" of her's "

Okay that part was brilliant. How you automatically relate receiving a pair of gloves to killing your wife. Yet then you return the glove and get a knife? Classic.

I never realized they made lego for ages 16+