Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Day of 41

Since we all had so much fun looking back at year 40. Here are some of the goals I have for year 41.
  • Get out of bed every morning (maybe not looking forward to this, but it's a goal)
  • Stay married
  • Keep the kids alive and unmaimed (you know, relatively speaking)
  • Train for an Ironman (this is directly related to item two and three on the list)
  • Finish an Ironman
  • Bustin' well under 5:00 for a HIM
  • Two weeks in Italy (this is also directly related to item two and three on the list)
  • Make sure the dog still has three legs
  • Get another article published (Penthouse Forum is not an option, Ian)
  • Another marathon, maybe a BQ
  • More blogging (or less, maybe I should put that to a vote)
  • Less Facebook/Twitter (highly doubtful)
  • More coffee
  • More bacon
  • Less big, hairy gut
  • Improve my personality so that it isn't so off-putting and churlish (highly doubtful and up yours for agreeing with me)
  • Fewer skirts, more pants
  • Not die from stupidity (I've made it this far, but stupidity has a cumulative effect)
I chose these because they are mostly in my control. Finding a job, winning the lottery, stop losing my hair - kind of out of my control at this time.


MM said...

Happy Birthday. Love the goals. Especially more bacon. Less twitter, but more FB.

Molly said...

Not less Facebook!!!! ;p

More bacon is always a good thing though!

Beth said...

Please more blogging, more FB, more Twitter!! (oh, and everything else too :) Happy birthday - hope you had a great day!

cat. said...

sounds like a banner year to come!

Mary said...

Happy 41 T-odd!

Steve said...

Entertaining list. Best of luck with the fewer skirts more pants. Hope it isn't a "gonna climb Everest by the age of 42" type challenge. ;-)

ADC said...

That is a long list - really not sure whether you can achieve it all but if you need any lawyering help I know some monkeys who can help you :)))

IAN said...

Rules, schmules... Forum article it is. Aim High. Stay Classy Minneapolis

Charisa said...

Your lists rock! I like that staying married while IM training is on there - you are SMART!

Question Authority. said...

So. You're 41, huh. No wonder I hate you.

No offense.