Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Last Day of 40

Tomorrow is my birthday. Again. I think today is a good time review what I did in my 40th year of being. In no particular order:
  • Got a dog
  • Volunteered at an Ironman
  • Signed up for an Ironman
  • Stayed married
  • Ran two more marathons
  • Raced three more triathlons and actually got 3rd in AG in one
  • Went to Milan
  • Got an article published
  • Joined Facebook
  • Joined Twitter
  • Wasted endless amounts of time on Facebook & Twitter
  • Wrote a whole bunch of blog posts
  • Kept my kids alive
  • Started the year with the best Christmas mind f*ck ever on my kids
  • Started cooking more
  • Taught at the University of Minnesota - decided one semester was enough
  • Drank copious amounts of coffee
  • Ate more than the recommended daily allowance of bacon
  • Got out of bed every morning
I guess it was an OK year.


IAN said...

Stayed married
Wasted endless amounts of time on Facebook & Twitter
Kept my kids alive
Got out of bed every morning

That, in my book is a solid year. Al the rest is just icing on the birthday cake. I have a recipe for Bacon cake. Let me know if you want it.

Happy Birthday

MM said...

So what are your goals for 41? There are other things on the internet to waste your time on. Try to find those.

Teresa said...

You used your humor to make others laugh daily.

Happy Birthday and congrats on all the great accomplishments (some more valuable than others...but I am sure your kids are happy!)


kerrie said...

wow, those are pretty big accomplishments - i totally hear you on the 'staying married' and 'keeping your kids alive'.
but i do need to know what the xmas mind f*ck was?

oh and happy b-day!!

Roo said...

Thanks for giving me so much to look forward to in a few years.