Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Week

I have been procrastinating writing a new post for a while, but the time has come to get it out. The last few weeks have been a little emotionally draining, but that kind of shit is boring. So as to not leave you all hangin' - everything is fine. It was potential work stuff, combined with some hard training and rainy days, but now the sun is out, it's been oppressively hot and I leave for Hawaii in one week.

In order to keep my mind off my misery (not really, but kind of, maybe a little - and tapering doesn't help) I have been obsessing about my trip to Hawaii to race the Rohto Honu Ironman 70.3 Half-Ironman Triathlon Endurance Race (or whatever the fuck they are calling it.) I've been creating my packing list, reviewing it, double checking it and then editing it for typos. I've been cyber stalking a variety of people who I "know" but have never met to coordinate a time to meet. All while worrying that they will think/find out I'm some psycho/weirdo and slash my bike tires so they never have to see me again. (FYI - I am not "psycho" but some may consider me "weird" but that is related to said race.)

I'm not really that worried about peple not "liking" me. I am more worried that they will be disappointed that I don't wear rad horn-rim glasses, v-neck cable-knit sweaters and smoke a pipe. Or that I don't look like a hedgehog with bagpipes and a tamoshanter cap. I look just like your average, slightly less than middle-aged dad from Minnesota with a lot of Northern European ancestry. In other words: a particularly pale white guy with thinning hair. (Betcha can't wait to meet me now.)

So for the next week I will continue to rework my packing list, bother strangers via the interwebs, obsess about my weight and generally walk around like I have had one pot of coffee too many.

A little less training will give me more time to post on my blog. I'll try to find something interesting and not race related to keep it interesting.


Charisa said...

Wait, that's not really a picture of you in that v-neck sweater?!!! I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

Frayed Laces said...

Convo I had with SSB a few weeks ago went something like this:

FL: So, what does Todd look like?
SSB: Umm, I dunno, a person?
FL: Does he look like a triathlete or a dad?
SSB: ????
FL: come on, you know what I mean
SSB: he looks like both.

Just as long as you don't look like a pedophile, I'll hang out with you.

PS: send me your packing list. I'm always tweaking mine.

IAN said...

I never fail to forget something. Last weekend it was my HRM strap. CW had a spare. Yes I stretched it out. Probably ruined it. What are friends for?

I think I would be more weirded (pardon the pun/word theft) by you if you did look like your prof pic.

t-odd said...

CW - It's true. I am not a big cable knit v-neck sweater wearer.

FL - I am not sure about "looking like a triathlete." You will have to judge for yourself. (along with the pedophile look.)

Ian - Good point.

SSB said...

Triathlete look = hot
Pedophile look = creepy
Triathlete wearing a HRM strap = no comment.

kerrie said...

well then, i'm not sure we can hang out if you're not smoking your pipe.
but don't worry, if you really want to meet a freak show, just hold tight for my me, you won't miss us.